The Dandelion Project

A seeded dandelion blows away in the wind. There are grass and trees in the background. The sun is setting.

What is The Dandelion Project? 

The Dandelion Project is our way of building community, connecting others, and giving back. Every season, we will release one limited edition product with part of the proceeds going towards a local organization that aligns with our mission to bring people together and honour the environment. 

Why “The Dandelion Project”? 

While many people see it as a common garden nuisance, the dandelion is a symbol of rebirth, growth, and strength. One of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, the dandelion is a sight for sore eyes to pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hoverflies just coming out of hibernation. Dandelions provide these insects with nectar and pollen to fill their little hungry bellies, and when the dandelion goes to seed, it spreads far and wide. 
That’s what we intend to do with The Dandelion Project – spread kindness far and wide.
The blue Bow River Bar rests on a rock with river water in the background.

Bow River Bar

Get into the flow with the Bow River Bar Soap. Named after the Southern Alberta river, this bar boasts the fresh aromas of bergamot, spearmint, geranium, and juniper all in a delicately swirled blue and teal pattern. Made with nutrient-rich oils and butters, your skin will love it too! As part of the Dandelion Project, $2 from every bar sold will be donated directly to Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation.
Owl from the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

What is Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation?

Since 1993, Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) has been a champion for injured and orphaned wildlife through rescue, rehabilitation and release. Since our founding, we have admitted more than 34,000 animals into care. We believe our responsibility to wildlife includes an educational component that emphasizes the importance of environmental protection, and as such, AIWC offers engaging public education programs to inform all ages of the importance of wildlife to our ecosystem and way of life.

As a trusted Canadian-registered charity, we are permitted by federal and provincial governments to care for wildlife in need. In addition, we are an accredited veterinary hospital through the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, which allows us to provide high standards of care to our wildlife patients. We are funded entirely by donations.

Wildflower Bar Soap

Sunbeams dance across your face and tall grass brushes against your legs as you take in the breathtaking view of an alpine meadow. Geranium, lavender, sage, ylang ylang, bergamot, and palmarosa delicately combine to make you feel taken care of with this uplifting, floral soap. Made with nutrient-rich oils and butters, your skin will love it too! As part of The Dandelion Project, proceeds from every bar will be donated to Alpha House.

What is Alpha House?

Alpha House has been a part of the Calgary community for over 40 years as a non-profit, charitable agency working to provide safe spaces for vulnerable men and women whose lives have been impacted by alcohol and other substance dependencies. By building relationships and meeting people where they are at, Alpha House helps connect clients to the resources they need to improve their circumstances. As a result of this continuum of care, individuals can be diverted away from unnecessary uses of health care, criminal justice, and emergency systems. Alpha House operates a Shelter and Detox/Transitional facility, Outreach Programs, including the DOAP Team, Encampment Team, and the Needle Response Team, and Housing Programs with intensive case management support.

"Put the Lime in the Coconut" Bar Soap 

Be instantly transported to a hot, sandy beach with a juicy book in one hand and a fruity drink in the other with our limited-edition summer bar soap! Infused with zesty lime and tropical coconut, you'll feel the joy and relief of a warm vacation no matter where you are. Made with nutrient-rich oils and butters, your skin may love it even more! As part of The Dandelion Project, proceeds from every bar will be donated directly to Grow Calgary, Calgary's 100% volunteer-run fresh food bank.

What is Grow Calgary? 

Grow Calgary is a community farm in Balzac, AB that grows food for vulnerable populations throughout Calgary and the surrounding area. 100% of all the food grown is donated to local organizations and groups, and it is entirely volunteer run. After six successful years in Calgary, the farm moved to its current location in Balzac in 2020 and added its F.A.R.M (Farm Animal Rescue Mission) to give animal rescues a safe place to live. Along with donating its produce and caring for the animals, Grow Calgary advocates for system-level change to address food insecurity in local communities and provides education on this issue as well as small-scale farm management. Everyone has fundamental rights to access food and shelter and Grow Calgary views local urban agriculture as one feasible response to food access and food dignity.