Spearmint + Bergamot

The scene.

Your legs are heavy, but a burst of energy pushes you forward as you wander the woods on a crisp mountainside. As you walk, your pace and breath match in a carefree meditation. Water flows from the mountain, snaking toward the rivers and lakes below. You can hear the gentle trickle of a stream meandering through melting ice. You stop to admire the clarity of the water, breaking loose large pieces of ice at your feet. You feel connected and tranquil as you bend down and dip a hand into the stream, a flash of cold numbing the ends of your fingertips.

The details.

Bring tranquility to your daily routine with this evocative blend of gentle mint and floral essential oils. Conjuring feelings of balance and harmony, Spearmint + Bergamot is designed to help you connect to your innermost desires. Specially formulated to evoke the element of water, gently uplifting notes of eucalyptus and spearmint inspire creativity, while floral hints of palmarosa and ylang ylang encourage deep reflection.

Pairs well with

A well-used sketchbook. Gazing into a pool of still water. Walks at midnight.

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