Sandalwood + Vetiver

The scene.

Your fingers brush against the thick bark of a cedar tree as you meander aimlessly through a northern forest, guided by moonlight. You walk barefoot, feeling connected to the rise and fall of the earth that grows up and around gnarled roots. Green moss is soft underfoot and damp lichen grows in the crevices of nearby branches. The woods are still and vast, and the silence seems to echo amongst the roots of tall trees. As you reach a small clearing, you sink into the forest bed, cradling wet leaves with your fingertips. You lower your face to the ground and inhale deeply, savoring the aroma of damp, ancient wood.

The details.

Like the smell of an old growth forest after heavy rain, Sandalwood + Vetiver encourages inner reflection and mindful meditation. Evocative oils of sandalwood and vetiver merge in this synergy that delivers a delightful hint of musk. Inspired by moonlit forest walks, this scent will linger after it is applied, connecting you with your inner naturalist long after it leaves the bottle.

Pairs well with

Lotus position. Barefoot journeys. Old growth forests.

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