Rosemary + Sweet Birch

The scene.

Rounding the final bend of the summit of Mount Yamnuska, you steady your breath as you heave your gear over the jagged rocks. You’re met with stunning views as you reach the tip of the mountain and gaze down at the scenery below. Vast green forests stretch as far as the eye can see, and the sky is an astonishing blue, devoid of clouds. You wipe away the sweat pooling at your brow, legs shaky from the four-hour climb. You take a moment to think about your descent, and the hot bath waiting for you when you return home. The thought brings you the energy you need to start your trip back, legs burning and eyes forward.

The details.

For conquering mountains (or just the rigors of daily life), Rosemary + Sweet Birch was designed to help you channel your inner adventurer. Soothing, invigorating oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and birch merge to create a restorative oil perfect for hot baths or deep tissue massage. When you’re worn out from a day of physical exertion and in need of a good soak, Rosemary + Sweet Birch will come to the rescue!

Pairs well with

Conquering mountains. Chiropractic adjustment. Electrolytes.