Lemongrass + Laurel

The scene.

A sunbeam streams through a closed window on the first warm morning of spring. You shuffle toward the faucet to fill a steel watering can, enjoying the playful dance of morning light on your skin. The can is brimming with cool water when you turn off the tap and make your way toward the balcony of your home. As you open the sliding door, you catch a hint of fresh lemongrass wafting from the next room. Seeds you planted a month earlier have sprouted new leaves, and their delicate stems dance in the gentle breeze. You tilt the water out of the can and watch it disappear into the soil, content in the knowledge that they will soon blossom into flowers to fill your household planters.

The details.

Manifest the courage to tackle your big ideas with the fresh scent of lemongrass and laurel. Invigorating lemongrass and subtle laurel mingle in this luminous blend designed to help you take a step forward feeling clear, connected and rejuvenated. The perfect companion oil to desk and household diffusers, this scent is sure to spark introspection and revival.

Pairs well with:

Tackling your big ideas. A post-yoga glow. Late afternoon study sessions.


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