The scene.

A floral sundress dances about your legs as you walk through a cottage garden, a platter of teacups balanced in your hands. Endless fields of lavender spread before you, their sweet scent filling the summer air. You can hear the hum of hardworking bees, and the trill of a songbird in a nearby tree. A table covered in white linen stands in the center of the field, decorated with fine china and silverware. As you walk towards it, a woman looks up from the book she is reading, eyes alight with wisdom and care. You place the platter on the table, lifting a hand to pour fragrant tea into her empty cup. She smiles and squeezes your hand, thanking you for the simple gesture.

The details.

A timeless classic, sometimes known as the “mother of all essential oils,” lavender is a scent that evokes pastoral childhoods and a return to our roots. Its gentle aroma is not only pleasing to the nose, but also offers many therapeutic benefits. Lavender is recognized for its ability to calm, soothe, lull to sleep and evoke feelings of security. A comforting addition to any bath or shower, it is a nostalgic scent that reminds us of the women who raised us. Need we say more?

Pairs well with

High tea on a sunny afternoon. Afternoon naps. Fluffy duvets.


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