Juicy Citrus

The scene.

Tropical sunlight warms your skin as you lie back on a rattan recliner, toes grazing the warm grain of a white sand beach. A pink, slushy drink rests on your stomach, moisture dripping from the lip of the clear glass. You push pink sunglasses up high on the bridge of your nose, blocking the open sun from straining your eyes. Taking a sip of your drink, you taste the tart sweetness of tropical fruit with a hint of bubbles. In a few minutes you’ll make your way to the ocean, tasting salt as you dunk your head into the water. For now you’ll stay right here, rolling over to luxuriate in the sun that sizzles on your back.

The details.

Cheery, radiant and bursting with joy, Juicy Citrus is your go-to antidote to grumpiness. Tackle cloudy days with this drop of liquid sunshine, a citrus-forward blend of tangerine, lime, red mandarin and sweet orange. Balanced by the sweetness of benzoin, Juicy Citrus will transport you to the candy stores of your childhood, bringing with it a touch of playfulness designed to turn your frown upside down.

Pairs well with

Carpe diem. Cloudy days. Frowny faces. Trips to the beach.


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