The scene.

At the end of a demanding work week, you’re ready to reward yourself. Sinking into a springy, soft bed, you breathe in deeply and begin to sort through the disorganized chatter of your mind. Soft sounds of classical music play from a speaker in the corner of the room. You feel your body relax as you listen to the rise and swell of string instruments. Their gentle music lulls your anxious thoughts, and you focus on relaxing each muscle in your body, one at a time. Your body and mind harmonize as your breath leads you back to center and you drift into a listless, blank sleep.

The details.

Balance is a long-standing favourite, and for good reason. Our most meditative and peaceful blend, this synergy reaches perfect harmony between five essential oils. Ground your emotions and soothe the nervous system with this blend designed to help you refocus your energies. Conjuring the satisfaction of a productive day, this adaptable synergy makes for a wonderful meditation mist or room spray. It can also be diffused to evoke peaceful meditation or stabilize flighty energies.

Pairs well with

Long stretches. Clean linens. To-do lists. Humming while you work. 


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